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AmayaNet Automotive Detailing currently offers the following services:

*Basic Wash and Dry Package

This includes a hand wash and dry of your vehicle.   Also included are an interior vacuuming, wheels, tires, dash and glass cleaned.   Average time is 30 minutes to an hour.   Please call or email for pricing.

* Stage 1 Package

Includes everything in the Basic Wash and Dry package plus tire dressing and a hand wax.  Average time is 2 hours depending on size of vehicle.   Please call or email for pricing.

*Stage 2 Package

Includes everything in the Express Detail package plus clay bar of the entire vehicle to remove surface contaminants, tree sap and road tar. An application of sealant is then applied on the paint followed by a hand wax.   Average time is 3-4 hours depending on size of vehicle.  Please call or email for pricing.

* Stage 3 Package

The Gold Detail Package includes a hand wash and dry of your vehicle followed by a decontaminatoin of the vehicle.  Decontamination consists of a complete clay bar of the entire exterior of vehicle as well as removal of iron particles in the paint.  The vehicle is then sealed, and waxed using a quality carnuba or synthetic wax for your vehicle's paint.  Also, included in this package is a thorough cleaning of the interior of the vehicle, as well as shampooing the carpets and upholstery, cleaning and conditioning of leather seating and accents, dash dressed, glass cleaned, chrome polished inside and out and all black trimmings restored.   Wheels are cleaned and polished and tires are dressed.  This process can take 6 hours to a day.  Please call to schedule an appointment as the vehicle needs to be inspected prior to price quote.

* Add-On Services

Paint Correction - how many times have you seen a car from a distance, or in low light and admired at how great it looks, only to then see it in the sun or under bright lights and realize it is covered in swirl marks, marring, and water spots.  This is especially true of darker colored vehicles.  That can always be a buzz kill.    With paint correction we can safely remove most if not all of the swirl marks, marring and water spots in your vehicle.   You can select a 1 or 2 step correction process.  This consists of washing and drying the vehicle, removing surface contaminants, swirl removal by machine, polishing by machine, and then applying your desired level of protection, be it a sealant and wax cobmination or a surface coating.  Please call or email to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.   Also please check out the gallery to see 50/50 shots of paint correction.

Surface Coatings - A surface coating is the process of applying a microscopic layer of protection over your existing paint and clear coat.  You do this in place of applying a sealant or wax.   The surface coating then becomes the new functional surface of your vehicles.   The surface coating, a product such as Optimum Opti-Coat or G-Techniq Crystal Lacquer, contains hydrophobic properties.  This means it repels water and dirt much better thereby keeping the vehicle cleaner for a longer period of time.  It also helps protect against UV rays much better.  Once a surface coating is applied it is no longer necessary to seal or wax the vehicle for the duration of the surface coatings life.  Some surface coatings have a life span of 3 months, 2-4 years, and some longer.   Prior to applying a surface coating the paint of the vehicle would need to be corrected and polished to a flawless or near flawless state, as once the surface coating is applied it seals everything underneath in.  Surface coatings can be applied to wheels too.  The advantage of this is that it helps reduce the amount of brake dust that can accumulate on your wheels in between washes.

Glass Coatings - Very much like a surface coating, a glass coating is applied to your windshield, headlights, tail lights, and all glass on the vehicle.  The advantage of a glass coating is the increased water repelency, potentially helping you to see better during wet weather conditions.   Glass coatings are not permanent and need to be re-applied every 1-2 years depending on use of the vehicle and conditions.

Engine Cleaning - If you engine is dirty, or filled with leaves or debris, give me a call.  We can degrease your engine, wash it, and dressup the hoses and plastic panels to help it reclaim its once glorious beauty.  

I can also perform a custom detail based on the needs of your vehicle.  Some of my additional available services are trim restoration, metal polishing, and headlight restorations.   We can develop a maintenance plan as well to accomodate for the vehicle and customer needs.   This will help to ensure that your vehicle receives the care it deserves.   Call or email to discuss a plan and prices for your vehicle.

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